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As reported by The Independent, many popular men’s retailers have reported immense growth in sales in this area, with MR PORTER claiming a 300% growth in sales of these products in 2015 alone. Now, the men’s grooming industry is expanding all across the globe, and is estimated to bring in $21 billion in revenue in 2016.

Hair, skin and nail products are not the only area that shows a sales increase. There is a rising surge in men heading to salons for various grooming services. According to a survey by professional beauty and hairdressing supplier Salon Services, 25% of salon customers in 2015 were men.

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It is a fact that hairdressing and shaving remain the most popular services offered. However, “massages, facials, and further maintenance treatments are extremely popular, such as hair removal, via waxing or laser.”

All of this is indicative of rising industry growth and shift in the overall perception of grooming and self-care.

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